The Guide To Gratitude

Jake Kneeland
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Are You Feeling Completely Overwhelmed?

We've all been there. After is BUSY.

We run to and from school, work, our families, friends, and repeat it the very next day. If we even come close to a moment with ourselves 4 other things seem to come up that need our attention. No wonder we're so anxious all the time!

I know that feeling all too well. I went through a long period of time where life just seemed to coast by. Every day was an endless loop, and I wasn't moving the needle forward in any aspect. "There has to be more to life than this, right?"

I made a definitive choice to shift my perspective one night - and everything changed.

Introducing: The Guide To Gratitude

This guide is a roadmap to help you identify the moments we take for granted and appreciate them deeply. They are all around us - it just takes some focus. I call them "the moments in between", and I'm pumped to share them with you!

Inside you will find:

  • What gratitude actually is
  • How to identify and focus on it
  • Daily questions to guide you
  • Exercises to slow you down in a busy world
  • Keys to keep it consistent
  • Daily quotes and reminders
  • The 1 Thing you need to remember

PLUS - you will receive my Mental Health Toolkit (FREE), my Daily Affirmation Guide (FREE), a 1:1 Welcome Call, and 24/7 access to me as needed.

The awareness, appreciation, and joy that gratitude invites in is waiting to be deeply felt.

Let's get to work!

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  • You'll Get:

  • Video Introduction
  • The Guide To Gratitude Course
  • Mental Health Toolkit
  • Daily Affirmation Guide
  • 1:1 Welcome Call
  • Phone # and 24/7 Access To Me
  • You'll Get:
  • Video Introduction
  • The Guide To Gratitude Course
  • Mental Health ToolkitFree
  • Daily Affirmation GuideFree
  • 1:1 Welcome CallFree
  • Phone # and 24/7 Access To MeFree
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The Guide To Gratitude

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